Track what is changing with each release of Power 9. All new features and bug fixes are documented here.


Version 0.21.5

June 2020 update provides a set of high priority bug fixes.

New Features

  • No new features

Bug Fixes

  • The app crash issue caused when changing the equality setting of an advanced filter, i.e, “greater than”, “less than”, etc. has been fixed
  • When changing the logical operator, i.e., “and”, “or”, “not” of an advanced filter, the value is no longer erased

Previous Versions

Version 0.21.3

May 2020 update offers full support for deck list importing.

New Features

  • Import a deck list from a CSV file; all formats documented here are supported
  • Import a deck list from a text (TXT) file
  • This relies on the standard iOS document picker; as such, Power 9 does not control document storage, organization, or exploration
  • You can import from the main deck list collection screen which will automatically navigate to the deck list editor when import is complete
    • The deck list name will be set to the file name
    • Format will always default to Standard
  • An import can also be started from the standard deck list create screen
    • This will perform and in place update within the create deck list screen allowing you to subsequently change the deck name, format and the imported entries before officially creating the deck
  • Failure report if any entries from a file could not be parsed

Bug Fixes

  • Preceding or trailing whitespace characters will not change search results in the card database search results
  • In the advanced editor, you can now change the value of any text predicate

Version 0.20.1

March 2020 update, patch 1.

Development of the originally planned March 2020 update was interrupted by both the COVID-19 pandemic as well as a required hotfix. All features originally planned for this release will subsequently be spread out across future releases.

New Features

  • You can now update your existing decklists with a format. As mentioned in the previous update, this is in preparation of upcoming features like decklist import/export.
  • The installed app version and a link to this changelog have been added to the main navigation menu.

Version 0.20.0

March 2020 update.

Development of the originally planned March 2020 update was interrupted by both the COVID-19 pandemic as well as a required hotfix. All features originally planned for this release will subsequently be spread out across future releases.


  • Fixes the “blank page” bug introduced with Ikoria spoilers.

New Features

  • Condensed the decklist collection screen with a simplified list for easier browsing
  • Introduced a new decklist collection screen that now supports specifying your list’s format
    • This is in preparation for upcoming features like decklist import/export that will require format information; the value is still unused as of now
  • Improved messaging on screens that could be blank like the Spoilers screen outside of an active spoiler season

Bug Fixes

  • Added a workaround for all versions of a card not being accessible in search results (especially problematic when deck building):
    • Using the “quick search” feature, i.e., the default search textbox, will still only return the most recent printing
    • The advanced filter screen will now return all printings in results unless “Latest Printing” is selected
    • Again, this is a workaround until a more elegant solution can be implemented
  • Fixed the momentum scroll issue on the card detail page allowing you to swipe through one card at a time to avoid missing cards in the list
  • Fixed an issue preventing ads from loading consistently required to help keep Power 9 available for free; if you prefer not to see ads, please consider upgrading to Power 9+
    • This does not increase the number of ads displayed in the app, but the frequency at which they load and refresh


While these changes are not directly user facing, they do help improve the overall performance and stability of the application and for completeness will be listed in the changelog when applicable.

  • Upgraded React Native to 0.61.5 (from 0.57.10)
  • Upgraded all application dependencies to current versions

Version 0.19.0

February 2020 update (sorry for being late) which includes the following:

New Features

  • Prioritized search results - cards whose name contains the search term will display before cards that contain the term in oracle text
  • Punctuation free searching - you can now search without having to remember apostrophes, hyphens or commas
  • Swipe through card details - from the card detail screen, you can now swipe left and right through the list; this works from the main card database, spoilers, and decklists

Bug Fixes

  • MTGO prices are available in the app again

Version 0.18.7

Minor updates addressing post-launch bug reports and beta feedback that did not make it into the initial MVP release.

New Features

  • No new features. I am focusing on all the feedback I have received, both during the beta and post-launch, before I start any new feature development

Bug Fixes

  • The Spoilers screen now provides messaging to anonymous users that a free account is required to enable database syncing. Prior to this update, anonymous users would have seen a blank screen.
  • Ads were added to the Spoiler screen. Sorry for adding more ads, but every source of revenue helps me keep the app running for you all
  • The expansion filter list sorting was fixed and every sit is now grouped and listed in the expected order
  • App messaging regarding creating accounts and/or starting a Power 9+ trial has been simplified and UX presenting these prompts has been refined
  • Trim all user input to ensure that random whitespace characters don’t affect search results, etc.

Version 0.18.6

This is the first release of Power 9 on the App Store for iOS.

What’s New

  • Complete Scryfall database stored locally on your device
  • Automatic database syncing direct to your device enabled with a free Power 9 account
  • Track spoilers directly in the app; new previews are pushed directly to your device
  • Complete deck builder for all formats; brew up to 5 decks for free, unlimted available with a Power 9+ subscription
  • Gameplay simulator to test how well your deck plays; supports the London mulligan and easy drag and dropping of cards between zones